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Terms & Conditions

Customer Care

We make PinnyPause to the best of our abilities. They are not mass produced in a 3rd world country for slave wages.

These are designed by us over many iterations and hand made by us using a 3D resin printer. After printing, we spray paint them individually by hand.

When you buy a PinnyPause, you are buying a product that is indeed a world first invention!

You cannot get this anywhere else.

If you do get one anywhere else, it is a copy.

Because these are handmade and not mass produced, some may have blemishes or imperfections. We do our best to produce the best product we can for you.

All proceeds of PinnyPause go to Monkeysmash to buy his first car.


Wholesale Inquiries

For Wholesale inquires, pls contact us via the CONTACT button

Privacy & Safety

Any personal details acquired on this website will never be shared with any other person or business.

Pinnypause is a possible choke hazard and should be treated so.

Payment Methods


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