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  • Can it hurt my pinball machine?
    If your pinball machine is properly maintained and in good working order PinnyPause won't hurt your machine. PinnyPause is basically another hand which you can use to cradle a ball like a anyone does while playing pinball. We suggest that you only use it for a short amount of time, as we don't know what state of repair your machine is in. That being said, flipper's can be held for 5 minutes or longer with no damage being inflicted to a machine.
  • What do I do if one of my flippers fails while using PinnyPause?
    Don't call on us, call your local pinball mechanic! Pinball machines are commercial grade pieces of equipment which are made to work continuously in hostile environments at the mercy of the general public, with minimal breakages/downtime. If your machine fails while using PinnyPause, then it was going to fail shortly anyway. For your machine's sake and your wallets sake, make sure it is properly adjusted and in good working order. Check the internet for shortcomings that your particular pinball machine may have and make modifications and adjustment that will help keep your investment in good running order.
  • Will PinnyPause take any responsibility if I think it has caused damage to my pinball machine?
    No. We have stated this all over this website and when you received your PinnyPause, there was even a warning with it/them. Because PinnyPause has no control over the state of adjustment, make or age of any pinball machine, we cannot and will not in any way take any responsibly for any issue that someone may think or indeed has been caused by or arisen due to the use of PinnyPause.
  • What if I receive my PinnyPause and it isn't prefect
    I am making all of them with a 3d printer that I bought with my savings and spray-cans. Would you believe that each pinny pause has 997 layers! Which is lots of room for printing errors. I put a message on the SHOP page mentioning that they are not perfect. I am sorry, but I'm doing the best I can.
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