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G'day, My friends call me MonkeySmash

This is my invention!

PinballPause or what I like to call it  PinnyPause.


I had this idea because I was tired of my dad always asking me to hold the flipper button while he went to the toilet or had a drink of his beer while playing pinball.

So I bought a 3D printer with my savings and here you go!

These are hand-made by they're not perfect, but still pretty good.


They're not mass produced crap.


All sales go to me to buy my first car!

Here is what it looks like now, but its not the same as it started out!

PinnyPause doing its job!


PinnyPause out of the way.


I thought the design below was going to be the final design...


Until we realised that not all pinball machines have the metal plate all around the button like Dads StarWars machine!

So dad and I mixed it up with a bit of the original aluminium design 'Proof of Concept', that you see further down.

Pause your Pinny! ... WHAT THE!?!?!?

Surley that's impossible!... Nope.

Not anymore.

Pinballs Machine and other arcades were all made in a different time, when the world was a different place. We weren't always on call, always answering to someone or something with our mobile phones.

But its not just that, now you can not only pause your pinny to answer the phone, you can also pause it to have a slug of your beer, go to the toilet, or scratch an itch.

How good is that!

Proof of Concept...It worked!


This was the first hooked over the top and the magnet acted as a fulcrum. Worked great, but was ugly

The First Printed Model


I don't have a pic of the second design, but it was a coin with magnets glued under it. This was the first printed one that had a coin shape.

Necessity is the mother of invention

Working from home created a unique problem for dad. Every time he played a game in his down time, a client would always seems to call! And more often than not, when he playing a cracking game. Dad would just have to let the ball drop and answer the phone. Not happy!

I had my great idea, then dad thought up a way we could bent up some aluminium with a magnet glued onto it.

It worked a treat! 

After that I had an idea that I could use just a 20cent piece and another couple of magnets glued on.

Then by chance, a mate brought over a 3D printer because he didn't have room for it, and I made a couple of other designs, but they looked pretty ugly.

So I went out an bought a resin 3D printer with my savings and here you have it...PINNYPAUSE!!!

Design done in Rhino 3D


Just lifted out of the resin

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